I once applied to work at Southwest Airlines.

They made all of the applicants do an oral report in front of the crack class on some fake subject. The two hiring personnel set at the back and watched as each new prospective flight attendant got up and gave their presentation.

Except they weren’t paying attention to the person giving the presentation. They’re watching the class. They were trying to see how well the audience paid attention to the person presenting.

This way they would know who would pay attention to their gifts on board the airplane.

My buddy over at Comal Tubes in Texas uses the same hiring techniques, he says it helps to make sure that customer is always right attitude is in place!

Lesson Pay attention!…

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These things are Flippin awesome. You can practically have your own domain name. My favorite is GG.GG. ¬†It’s best if you created an account. This way you can take a long URL pasted in click the button that says customize then make up your own name then hit enter. Now you got what used to be a 46 million strand URL turned into GG got GG/whatever you decide.

And if you’d like your shortened URL but you want to change the actual long URL to something different you just go into your links section and make the changes I am. It’s a done deal and that’s my two cents peace! out, cub scout. lol…

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Traveling is the best prescribed medicine for alleviating mental stress and hiking up emotional bonding’s, as once, famous Persian poet and scholar Rubi stated “Travel brings power and Love back into your life”. Considering our present day life, traveling is a process which requires sufficient planing and preparation, as the process makes a temporary movement of our physical existence, we have to make assure the proper coordination of certain things, from where we are leaving and to where we are reaching.

Here are some list of activities that every travelers must check before leaving his place What to check before traveling As described earlier, traveling is a process which requires appropriate planning to fetch satisfactory results within our prepared budget.

1 Belongings to carry along This is the most important check list to do before traveling . Along with the usual stuffs like dress and water, a traveler must ensure to carry certain items depending upon the span of his journey, which includes Mobile charger, Laptop , Sweater, flask, Net setter or any other internet provider, First aid kit , Mobile Top up cards , Along with prescribed tablets (if any) please take tablets including analgesics and anti vomiting pills

2 Confirm accommodation a traveler must make sure of the accommodation facilities and its availability before the commencement of journey As the main part of the travelers budget is depending on accommodation it has to be properly planned

3 Stop Periodicals and Daily the proposed journey is much more than one week, then to save penny, its better to stop all the subscribed periodicals and Daily’s on a temporary basis. Moreover accumulated Daily’s in front of your dwelling area can attract the attention of certain robbers

4.Make a substitute for your activities There may be certain activities which you are doing on a daily basis and which has to be done uninterrupted like gardening and feeding pets. To continue these activities without your presence, carry over the duty to a person whom you entrust

5. Keep a GPS tracker. A traveler  driving to a new destination he will be never familiar with the roads, if it is in night situation can worsen, To overcome this a traveler must carry a GPS tracker with an updated map to fetch the precise results for way. If you need to, rent a bus!

6. Anti theft safety This is a must do for all travelers irrespective of their span of journey. If you are not available at your home, then definitely keep out all the valuables including jewels and money to a safety locker and travel safe


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Traveling for business is not always easy because travelers sleep on the plane, pack constantly and are always on their mobile devices. All these activities can derail their daily routines making them grumpy. The first step to a stress free travel is to have a positive attitude and appreciate those that are willing to help. Frequent travelers have high chances of getting upgrades and extraordinary services if they ask for them politely in a joyful demeanor. While kindness is one way to reduce inconveniences and maximize traveling comfort, there are other practical things to be considered and travel tips to make your travel easy.

Tips For Easy Travel

  1. Limit Luggage To A Carry-on

It can be very stressful if you keep worrying about lost luggage or getting late to a meeting when traveling. The complete guide to lightweight travel recommend only carry-on. You only need to check in for the flight and head straight for airport security check and into the plane. When you don’t have a luggage check in, you won’t waste lots of time waiting for it once you have landed at your destination.

  1. Apply Technology When Planning
  2. Use sites with flight maps so that you check out the planes seating arrangement including detailed information about leg space and recline limits. Check out also the lavatories location, exit rows and galleys so that you can book a seat that provides maximum relaxation and makes working easier.
  3. Make hotel reservations from websites that host restaurants in your destination. This will make life easier instead of calling around to restaurants when you arrive at your destination.
  4. If you intend to drive a rented car when you arrive remember to bring a GPS which has the entire map of your location.
  5. Join A Rewards Program

If employees of a certain airline notice how frequent you fly with them, they are more likely to give you special favors and help. Join and become a member of loyalty and rewards programs and stick with it Members of such associations get earlier flight boarding, upgrades to first class, priority rooms in hotels and better treatment in general. Some car rental services will actually deliver your car to your convenient location personally, while others have to head to the company offices and retrieve their rental car.

  1. Dress Well

People that dress well and appear wealthier are given better services according to many travel experts. If you are dressed in presentation attire, you don’t have to be stuck in T-shirt and jeans in a meeting when the flight gets late or when your luggage is lost.

  1. Keep Your Bag Always Packed

Save lots of time by keeping your traveling bag packed with only a few clothing, shoes and essentials. Carry a thinner tablet or laptop and replace heavy hardcover books with eBooks. If you have to carry a coat or some heavy shoes, put them on to avoid carrying heavier luggage.

  1. Store Customer Care Service Numbers On Your Phone

Once you have the customer care numbers on your phone, it makes it easier to access the appropriate contacts in case the flight has been delayed or cancelled.…

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