Los Angeles


A good chunk of Americans consider Los Angeles to be our greatest city, and with good reason. Aside from being visually compelling, it’s the home of our entertainment industry – the industry our country is perhaps most known for.


Having loved movies and shows all my life, I tried to make my visit to L.A. as lengthy as possible in order to increase my chances of spotting a celebrity. To my amazement, it seems that it’s hard not to come across someone famous, as I found myself in the presence of several well-known actors and singers in around a week’s time. Of course, I stopped myself from approaching them and asking for an autograph knowing they must probably hate that – the sighting was enough for me.


Known faces aren’t everything the city has to offer


Aside from celebrity watch, I also got to enjoy the city’s famous beaches and visited many of its top-notch establishments. Two types that I’d set apart from the others are restaurants and nightlife clubs – like many other parts of the city, these seem to be held up to a very high standard.


While the visit was somewhat expensive due to high prices in some of the more exclusive locations, I refused to let anything diminish my experience of the city. I might have left with empty pockets, but the time I had there had me thinking what life would be like as one of Los Angeles’ elite for a good while.…

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