amber-fort-750x497We have a lot of people from India who lives in our community. I heard a lot about historic places in India. Fortunately i met a person at my New Braunfels Family Dentist. He was telling me that India has various cities to visit for tourists and one of worth seeing cities is Jaipur. It’s a heritage city which compels visitors to see entirely because of its unmatched beauty, historical legacy, and enchanting views. Although, in this modern time, the city has been changed to a new look yet it retains some of its old royal past of old times. Tourists will surely have a great experience when visiting this modern city containing old monuments either. You, as a tourist, shouldn’t miss any memorable place when visiting historical places of this appealing city.

City Palace

Tourists always consider visiting some historical places as the passion of seeing things related to the past days is higher than noticing modern things. City Palace is the most popular and historical monument in the city of Jaipur. This palace is well-known across the world because of its elegant and exquisite architecture style.

The royal era left various awesome artifacts along with an intact beauty and visitors are pleased to see them all. The architecture doesn’t belong to a specific style instead it can declare as a blend of Rajput, Mughal, and European style. The palace contains numerous parts, king, and queen of Jaipur used to live. Those particular places exist in form of variety of artifacts that appeal tourists to see. The old days are famous for wars and harmful journey and the palace offers various things to see making you remember the gone days of wars and complex journeys.

There are several costumes, vessels, weapons, and other artifacts that indicate longer, complex and risky journey on the ways regarded not safe. For entering the palace, you have options of four different gates each one is associated with a specific season. The gates aren’t made of simple designs instead, they have intricate and detailed designing which lead them to exhibit a raised and elevated beauty.

Jantar Mantar

Among things that appeal tourists to see is Jantar Mantar which is a planet observatory constructed with hard work and passion. There was a king named Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh who built this planet observatory. The king was fond of the horoscope, designed this place to observe the planets. He used to believe horoscope in a scientific manner that’s why he included modern and scientific instruments in the construction of this place.

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