amber-fort-750x497We have a lot of people from India who lives in our community. I heard a lot about historic places in India. Fortunately i met a person at my New Braunfels Family Dentist. He was telling me that India has various cities to visit for tourists and one of worth seeing cities is Jaipur. It’s a heritage city which compels visitors to see entirely because of its unmatched beauty, historical legacy, and enchanting views. Although, in this modern time, the city has been changed to a new look yet it retains some of its old royal past of old times. Tourists will surely have a great experience when visiting this modern city containing old monuments either. You, as a tourist, shouldn’t miss any memorable place when visiting historical places of this appealing city.

City Palace

Tourists always consider visiting some historical places as the passion of seeing things related to the past days is higher than noticing modern things. City Palace is the most popular and historical monument in the city of Jaipur. This palace is well-known across the world because of its elegant and exquisite architecture style.

The royal era left various awesome artifacts along with an intact beauty and visitors are pleased to see them all. The architecture doesn’t belong to a specific style instead it can declare as a blend of Rajput, Mughal, and European style. The palace contains numerous parts, king, and queen of Jaipur used to live. Those particular places exist in form of variety of artifacts that appeal tourists to see. The old days are famous for wars and harmful journey and the palace offers various things to see making you remember the gone days of wars and complex journeys.

There are several costumes, vessels, weapons, and other artifacts that indicate longer, complex and risky journey on the ways regarded not safe. For entering the palace, you have options of four different gates each one is associated with a specific season. The gates aren’t made of simple designs instead, they have intricate and detailed designing which lead them to exhibit a raised and elevated beauty.

Jantar Mantar

Among things that appeal tourists to see is Jantar Mantar which is a planet observatory constructed with hard work and passion. There was a king named Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh who built this planet observatory. The king was fond of the horoscope, designed this place to observe the planets. He used to believe horoscope in a scientific manner that’s why he included modern and scientific instruments in the construction of this place.

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Wandering through the city’s famous Historic District, you would swear it is a movie set. Dozens of church steeples punctuate the low skyline, and horse-drawn carriages pass centuries-old mansions and town houses, their stately salons offering a crystal-laden and parquet-floored version of Southern comfort. Outside, magnolia-filled gardens overflow with carefully tended heirloom plants. At first glance, the city may resemble a 19th-century etching come to life—but look closer and you’ll see that block after block of old structures have been restored. Happily, after three centuries of wars, epidemics, fires, and hurricanes, Charleston has prevailed and is now one of the South’s best-preserved cities.

My friend at biotech water softener was telling me more about this place. He said that the streets of Charleston are lined with palmetto trees that harken back to the 19th century. The locals are polite in khakis or pearls, and cocktail hour is well-observed. Traffic is regularly held up by horse-drawn carriage tours, and the city’s emphasis on preservation makes the average house worthy of its own history lesson. Travel farther north to neighborhoods like Cannonborough, Elliotborough, or Wagener Terrace, though, and you’ll find a more dynamic scene populated by the city’s growing creative class. For the full Low country experience, try to steal some time off the peninsula to check out the area’s swamps, creeks, and beaches.

Preserved through the hard times that followed the Civil War and an array of natural disasters, many of Charleston’s earliest public and private buildings still stand. Thanks to a rigorous preservation movement and strict architectural guidelines, the city’s new structures blend in with the old. In many cases, recycling is the name of the game—antique handmade bricks literally lay the foundation for new homes. But although locals do dwell—on certain literal levels—in the past, the city is very much a town of today.

For most southern coastal cities, you’d expect the main attraction to be their historic architecture and old world charm. While Charleston has these things, the main focus here is on a vibrant and growing arts and theater scene. Local citizens have swept away the stuffy past and embraced the avant garde, the new and exciting, and the non-traditional when it comes to theaters, museums, and cultural events. When visiting Charleston things to do often outnumber the days you have to do them. This is a city full of life, and you’ll take away a bit of the exciting culture with you from all the fun things to do in Charleston.

Every year, Charleston hosts the Sploleto Arts Festival, the premier performing arts festival in the country. Take a Charleston tour and you’ll see over 100 of the best in every genre, with hundreds of performances throughout the city. This is just the beginning for a city in love with festivals. From the Taste of Charleston to the Charleston Film Festival, you’ll find a party you’re dying to attend. And when it comes to music, the Gullah culture has a huge influence over classic jazz, ragtime, and music of all genres that fill the city.

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1024x1024One of the things to check out in new braunfels is the city tube shoots the chute new braunfels which shoots you out into the white-water. Exhilarating! We use tubes or life jackets. It’s well life-guarded by the City of New Braunfels. City tube shoot the chute New Braunfels is an fun packed and exciting destination for the local Texans. The ride down the tube shoot comal river is a fun packed adventurous ride for the Texans to beat the heat. Not only this but you must also enjoy New Braunfels Night Life which makes it different from other cities.

Cool fun for hot days, always relaxing and refreshing! Tubing on the crystal clear comal River is the place to be on those hot summer days. Lay back, relax and drift along. Tubing trips with comal tubes fill an afternoon with cool, clean family fun.

Shoot the chute New Braunfels is like a water slide for your inner tube that shoots you around a dam on the Comal River. Unbearable summer heat can either make you sit at home cursing or getting out with your family to enjoy the refreshing rivers of new braunfels and the famous tube chute. Renting an inner tube to take a leisurely float down the Comal River or the nearby Guadalupe helps to beat the heat and have a fun family time. For excitement, there was the city-owned tube chute below Landa Park and the rapids at Camp Warnecke on the Comal or along the Guadalupe.

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Visitors to the Windy City can expect a warm welcome as they explore must-visit sites dotting Grant Park, Museum Campus and the mall-filled Magnificent Mile. Gawk at world-renowned architecture by icons such as Frank Gehry and Frank Lloyd Wright. Dining ranges from award-winning, high-end enclaves to delicious deep-dish pizza dives.

Chicago is a city identified by its stunning architecture and engineering marvels. Chicago skyline is as iconic as any city in the world, and the many famous buildings and attractions in the Loop of Downtown Chicago make it one of the most popular sightseeing destinations in America. Traverse the 103-story Willis Tower Skydeck (formerly called the Sears Tower) for some of the most breathtaking views you’ll ever experience, or travel to the world’s largest commercial building, the Merchandise Mart, which is an Art Deco masterpiece that’s so big it needs its own zip code.

For sports fans, Chicago is home to some of the most storied franchises in professional American sports, and their historic outdoor stadiums are considered to be major Chicago landmarks in their own right. A pilgrimage for any true baseball fan visiting Chicago, Wrigley Field in the Near North Side is one of the most iconic ballparks in the Majors, and first opened in 1914. On the South Side, Soldier Field has been the home of the Chicago Bears for more than four decades, and is as recognizable as any football field in America.

Chicago tours of the best attractions Downtown come in all different types. Active tours in Chicago include biking through the Museum Campus of Chicago and Millennium Park, or walking tours through Chicago’s most eclectic neighborhoods. Also, Chicago’s close access to Lake Michigan and the winding Chicago River that cuts through Downtown make boat tours of Chicago especially popular. Use Chicago Traveler to book a speedboat tour through Downtown Chicago, or to charter a private cruise on a luxurious yacht!

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Los Angeles


A good chunk of Americans consider Los Angeles to be our greatest city, and with good reason. Aside from being visually compelling, it’s the home of our entertainment industry – the industry our country is perhaps most known for.


Having loved movies and shows all my life, I tried to make my visit to L.A. as lengthy as possible in order to increase my chances of spotting a celebrity. To my amazement, it seems that it’s hard not to come across someone famous, as I found myself in the presence of several well-known actors and singers in around a week’s time. Of course, I stopped myself from approaching them and asking for an autograph knowing they must probably hate that – the sighting was enough for me.


Known faces aren’t everything the city has to offer


Aside from celebrity watch, I also got to enjoy the city’s famous beaches and visited many of its top-notch establishments. Two types that I’d set apart from the others are restaurants and nightlife clubs – like many other parts of the city, these seem to be held up to a very high standard.


While the visit was somewhat expensive due to high prices in some of the more exclusive locations, I refused to let anything diminish my experience of the city. I might have left with empty pockets, but the time I had there had me thinking what life would be like as one of Los Angeles’ elite for a good while.…

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I once applied to work at Southwest Airlines.

They made all of the applicants do an oral report in front of the crack class on some fake subject. The two hiring personnel set at the back and watched as each new prospective flight attendant got up and gave their presentation.

Except they weren’t paying attention to the person giving the presentation. They’re watching the class. They were trying to see how well the audience paid attention to the person presenting.

This way they would know who would pay attention to their gifts on board the airplane.

My buddy over at Comal Tubes in Texas uses the same hiring techniques, he says it helps to make sure that customer is always right attitude is in place!

Lesson Pay attention!…

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These things are Flippin awesome. You can practically have your own domain name. My favorite is GG.GG.  It’s best if you created an account. This way you can take a long URL pasted in click the button that says customize then make up your own name then hit enter. Now you got what used to be a 46 million strand URL turned into GG got GG/whatever you decide.

And if you’d like your shortened URL but you want to change the actual long URL to something different you just go into your links section and make the changes I am. It’s a done deal and that’s my two cents peace! out, cub scout. lol…

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Traveling is the best prescribed medicine for alleviating mental stress and hiking up emotional bonding’s, as once, famous Persian poet and scholar Rubi stated “Travel brings power and Love back into your life”. Considering our present day life, traveling is a process which requires sufficient planing and preparation, as the process makes a temporary movement of our physical existence, we have to make assure the proper coordination of certain things, from where we are leaving and to where we are reaching.

Here are some list of activities that every travelers must check before leaving his place What to check before traveling As described earlier, traveling is a process which requires appropriate planning to fetch satisfactory results within our prepared budget.

1 Belongings to carry along This is the most important check list to do before traveling . Along with the usual stuffs like dress and water, a traveler must ensure to carry certain items depending upon the span of his journey, which includes Mobile charger, Laptop , Sweater, flask, Net setter or any other internet provider, First aid kit , Mobile Top up cards , Along with prescribed tablets (if any) please take tablets including analgesics and anti vomiting pills

2 Confirm accommodation a traveler must make sure of the accommodation facilities and its availability before the commencement of journey As the main part of the travelers budget is depending on accommodation it has to be properly planned

3 Stop Periodicals and Daily the proposed journey is much more than one week, then to save penny, its better to stop all the subscribed periodicals and Daily’s on a temporary basis. Moreover accumulated Daily’s in front of your dwelling area can attract the attention of certain robbers

4.Make a substitute for your activities There may be certain activities which you are doing on a daily basis and which has to be done uninterrupted like gardening and feeding pets. To continue these activities without your presence, carry over the duty to a person whom you entrust

5. Keep a GPS tracker. A traveler  driving to a new destination he will be never familiar with the roads, if it is in night situation can worsen, To overcome this a traveler must carry a GPS tracker with an updated map to fetch the precise results for way. If you need to, rent a bus!

6. Anti theft safety This is a must do for all travelers irrespective of their span of journey. If you are not available at your home, then definitely keep out all the valuables including jewels and money to a safety locker and travel safe


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Traveling for business is not always easy because travelers sleep on the plane, pack constantly and are always on their mobile devices. All these activities can derail their daily routines making them grumpy. The first step to a stress free travel is to have a positive attitude and appreciate those that are willing to help. Frequent travelers have high chances of getting upgrades and extraordinary services if they ask for them politely in a joyful demeanor. While kindness is one way to reduce inconveniences and maximize traveling comfort, there are other practical things to be considered and travel tips to make your travel easy.

Tips For Easy Travel

  1. Limit Luggage To A Carry-on

It can be very stressful if you keep worrying about lost luggage or getting late to a meeting when traveling. The complete guide to lightweight travel recommend only carry-on. You only need to check in for the flight and head straight for airport security check and into the plane. When you don’t have a luggage check in, you won’t waste lots of time waiting for it once you have landed at your destination.

  1. Apply Technology When Planning
  2. Use sites with flight maps so that you check out the planes seating arrangement including detailed information about leg space and recline limits. Check out also the lavatories location, exit rows and galleys so that you can book a seat that provides maximum relaxation and makes working easier.
  3. Make hotel reservations from websites that host restaurants in your destination. This will make life easier instead of calling around to restaurants when you arrive at your destination.
  4. If you intend to drive a rented car when you arrive remember to bring a GPS which has the entire map of your location.
  5. Join A Rewards Program

If employees of a certain airline notice how frequent you fly with them, they are more likely to give you special favors and help. Join and become a member of loyalty and rewards programs and stick with it Members of such associations get earlier flight boarding, upgrades to first class, priority rooms in hotels and better treatment in general. Some car rental services will actually deliver your car to your convenient location personally, while others have to head to the company offices and retrieve their rental car.

  1. Dress Well

People that dress well and appear wealthier are given better services according to many travel experts. If you are dressed in presentation attire, you don’t have to be stuck in T-shirt and jeans in a meeting when the flight gets late or when your luggage is lost.

  1. Keep Your Bag Always Packed

Save lots of time by keeping your traveling bag packed with only a few clothing, shoes and essentials. Carry a thinner tablet or laptop and replace heavy hardcover books with eBooks. If you have to carry a coat or some heavy shoes, put them on to avoid carrying heavier luggage.

  1. Store Customer Care Service Numbers On Your Phone

Once you have the customer care numbers on your phone, it makes it easier to access the appropriate contacts in case the flight has been delayed or cancelled.…

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