1024x1024One of the things to check out in new braunfels is the city tube shoots the chute new braunfels which shoots you out into the white-water. Exhilarating! We use tubes or life jackets. It’s well life-guarded by the City of New Braunfels. City tube shoot the chute New Braunfels is an fun packed and exciting destination for the local Texans. The ride down the tube shoot comal river is a fun packed adventurous ride for the Texans to beat the heat. Not only this but you must also enjoy New Braunfels Night Life which makes it different from other cities.

Cool fun for hot days, always relaxing and refreshing! Tubing on the crystal clear comal River is the place to be on those hot summer days. Lay back, relax and drift along. Tubing trips with comal tubes fill an afternoon with cool, clean family fun.

Shoot the chute New Braunfels is like a water slide for your inner tube that shoots you around a dam on the Comal River. Unbearable summer heat can either make you sit at home cursing or getting out with your family to enjoy the refreshing rivers of new braunfels and the famous tube chute. Renting an inner tube to take a leisurely float down the Comal River or the nearby Guadalupe helps to beat the heat and have a fun family time. For excitement, there was the city-owned tube chute below Landa Park and the rapids at Camp Warnecke on the Comal or along the Guadalupe.

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